Current Projects


The Atlas to Recovery

Atlas to Recovery is a participatory arts project facilitated by B arts and Rideout during January, February and March 2023. Five lead artists were paired [...]


The Catalogue of Imagined Provenances

A Drama and Writing Project for Prisons The National Justice Museum in Nottingham is the UK’s leading criminal justice museum. Its collection includes a vast [...]


Roundabout Tales

In Summer 2021, Rideout was commissioned to consult with serving prisoners to facilitate a contribution to the VOICES Transitions Prison Release Project. This involved the [...]


Sounding Out

Sounding Out is a collaborative research project commissioned by Dr Sarah Bartley at University of Reading, and delivered in partnership with the Prison Reform Trust [...]


28 Days

It has long been understood that prisoners who maintain good relationships with their family members while in prison are likely to have lower recidivism [...]


Commissioned Workshops & Conferences

Over the last 20 years, Rideout has delivered numerous one-off drama workshops in a variety of community and custodial settings, for both service users [...]